Your Initial Visit

If you are visiting our dentist in Cincinnati, Ohio for the first time, you’ll want to get the best idea on how the meeting will go. We have a patient-friendly process that ensures your comfort and convenience.  Let us walk you through the experience:

Your First Visit to Our Dentist

Here you will find a quick summary on details to know about your first visit to our dental clinic in Cincinnati,Ohio. The first appointment will be a great opportunity for you to meet our dentist and staff and get to know them properly. Our dentist can talk to you about the different procedures that are offered and how you can benefit from them.

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Appointment Reminders

It can be easy to forget when you scheduled a dental appointment but now we will remind you with an Appointment Reminder via email or text message.  And if it's your first visit, we'll be happy to provide driving directions. Just click on the link below to let us know how you'd like to be contacted. We'll do the rest!

Appointment Reminder Consent Form

Download the release of records consent form.

Records Release Form

Initial Consultation

Consultations are a great opportunity for you to meet our dentist and get to know him better. Our dentist can talk to you about the different procedures that are offered and how you can benefit from them.

New Patient Paperwork

If satisfied with our dentist after the initial meeting, our team will further assist you in setting an appointment. Before the appointment, you will be required to fill out new patient forms along with providing any prior dental history/records. It is suggested that you come at least 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment to make sure that you have plenty of time to fill out these forms.

This paperwork mostly comes in two categories both of which need to be properly completed. The first set of forms requires your personal details. In this form, you will have to fill in personal information such as name, age, home address, etc. You will also be required to complete a medical history form. In this form, you will have to provide complete information regarding your past medical treatments, dental problems and also, in case of dental insurance, details about the policy and the insurance provider.

It is important for you to be precise and truthful in answering all the questions as any wrong answer could impact your future treatment.

Our office also provides patients with the choice of filling out the forms before coming to the clinic. This means that you can visit the website and fill out the enrollment forms online. This saves you time and ensures your hassle-free appointment scheduling, along with an efficient and effective visit. You may download health history forms from our website and fill in all the required details. This information will be stored in our database and will be evaluated prior to your session with our dentist.

New patient forms

You have the option of completing the following new patient paperwork prior to your first appointment to ensure an expedient visit. Click the following link to download our new patient forms:  

New Patient Form

Comprehensive Examination

After studying your dental health history, our dentist will most likely examine your gums, teeth and mouth. This procedure is known as a comprehensive exam and is performed to study the state of your dental health and hygiene. An important part of the comprehensive exam is the cleaning. The teeth and mouth are thoroughly cleaned before moving onto the x-rays so that there are no extra particles in your mouth at that time.

Our dentist generally looks for any sensitivity, decay, and redness around the gums and teeth during the examination, and explains all the steps and findings accordingly. Even though our dentist will have already studied your medical and dental history from the forms you filled, he might still ask you questions about your teeth and general oral health issues while examining you. This is common in the event that our dentist sees anything unusual or something which was not mentioned in the forms.


After conducting the comprehensive exam, our dentist will take an X-ray of your mouth, which will give a clear picture of the status of your teeth and jaw. These scans are taken to better analyze oral disruptions, diseases, and cavities. The X-rays are suggested to be done each time a patient comes in either with a severe problem, or  routinely after at least a year, since the state of teeth has probably changed in that time.

The panoramic radiographs are the most common types of dental X-rays as they provide the dentist a much detailed view of the teeth and jaw. The dentist is able to spot any impacted teeth or jaw fractures easily with the panoramic X-ray.  

Although believed to be a lengthy process, X-rays usually don’t take more than a few minutes and are completely safe. Our dentist will guide you through the simple procedure by asking you to bite down on gauze, while the rest of the body is protected from the X-ray machine with a device that will cover it. Only the mouth will be scanned by the machine.

Post Examination Discussion

After the dental check-up, our dentist will discuss your results with you. Our dentist will guide you through any of the irregularities or decay that were found in your mouth. They may also mention the various treatment options that are offered at our clinic. The dentist will come up with the most appropriate and detailed treatment plan for you, customized to your requirements to help in solving your dental issues.

After discussing your future treatment, you will also receive the total costs for any particular procedure.  Our office offers payment plans and our dentist and staff can guide you in selecting what best suits you. At this time, you may discuss with your dentist the suggested treatments and the expenses.  If you have dental or medical insurance and you are planning on using this benefit to cover any procedure, you may discuss the coverage with our dentist, as well.

Follow-Up Appointment

After meeting with our dentist at Stone Creek Family Dental in and discussing your treatment and questions at length, you will be scheduled for a follow-up session at your convenience. These follow-up sessions will be mostly for cleaning and preparing your tooth for the upcoming procedures.

It is highly suggested that people have follow-up sessions twice a year to prevent any cavities, tooth decay or oral health issues from developing.  During these routine checkups, the teeth are usually cleaned and treated to ensure that they remain in good shape.

We understand that a number of people have a busy routine and it is not an easy task to remember a dental appointment. To deal with this concern, our office always provides our patients with a smile reminder, which is either sent through a text message or an email, in order to help you remember about your dental appointment and even driving directions for your initial visit.